mardi 9 février 2010


Strange title for this mix, It's supposed to be LeFtO#419... haha!
As every fan of Dilla knows, February is Dilla month and to celebrate this anniversary I mixed a couple instrumentals I liked; the man's a genius but I don't have to tell you that. Further, you'll hear some tunes by The Equatics, great band from 1972, another great track of Gil Scott-Heron, this incredible Paul White remix called "Watch a World", and a heavy version of Bob James' "Nautilus" by Blundetto. More newness coming from Fatima, Eglo fam and heavy dubstep from D1 and Dz... A banger for the summer Zinc ft. Ms Dynamite, a track taken from this great compilation called Elevator Music Vol.1 with Martyn and to end the beautiful instrumental signed J-Dilla. Spread the mix, leave a comment and enjoy. Thank you, always!

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