dimanche 9 janvier 2011


En plus de l'incroyable compile Groove Merchant 20, Ubiquity s'apprête à rééditer l'unique album de l'Afro-Soultet, "Afrodesia". Ce disque est d'ailleurs tellement obscure qu'on ne sait pas en quelle année il a été enregistré, probablement entre la fin des 60's et le début de la décennie suivante. Ce qui est sûr, par-contre, c'est que les 12 plages proposent un cocktail envoûtant d'exotica, de hard-bop, de latin & afro-jazz et de surf music. Certains titres rivalisent même sans problème avec les plus redoutables grooves de Music Library.

Afro-Soultet - "Aphro Bugaloo" by Ubiquity Records

Besides the incredible Groove Merchant 20 compilation, Ubiquity is about to release the only album of the Afro-Soultet. Afrodesia is so unknown that nobody's sure about the year it has been recorded, probably between the end of the 60's and the beginning of the next decade. What we know for sure is that the 12 tracks are captivating and sail between exotica, hard-bop, latin & afro-jazz and surf music. Some of the tunes are even competing with the most redoubtable Music Library grooves.

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  1. Trop fort ce J-Charles. Mais comment fait-il pour être partout à la fois?...

  2. Wow, do all you bloggers work for these pirates? I will soon be ripping the original LP as lossless to fight the dirty bootleggers of Ubiquity. I can't see the original artist making any money, as they made nothing the first time around, and Working with Johnny Kitchen, it's a shelter release, where all artists remain anon. So stop the unneeded profiteering off others..just share the goods. Corrupt pirates. I shall help phase the dirt peddlers down. My merry band of charity theives will abuse the reissue, rip it and share it thousand fold. YOu want to promote greed, then I promote sharing on the high level. Hipsters are bonafied delusional with hipsterness nowadays..lost the plot. For real.